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Help ICS @ deleting e-mails off the server

Please check your settings.

Are you using the gmail client or the native email client or a third party email client?
Have you tried clearing cache and data of the application from the application manager?

I am using the stock e-mail program. I have set up Yahoo and another account. It used to delete off the server previously, but not now. Cannot see any settings for syncing with the server.

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Hi everyone

I too am having this exact problem. I reported it to Samsung soon after upgrading the Android software, and they claimed not to have heard of the issue until I phoned.

I contacted them about a month ago for an update, and now they are saying more people have contacted them and therefore it's under investigation, but couldn't give me a time scale or any advice how to counteract it.

I guess if more and more people contact Samsung, it will add more weight and give them more pressure to help get this problem resolved, which is really annoying!

cheers for now
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I think i have the solution to your problem. When setting up your email untick the push notification you then get a manual button, from there you can manually input incoming and outgoing settings. In the incoming settings there is a delete email from server, click the WHEN I DELETE FROM INBOX. From then on you will be able to delete from your phone to the server. HTH. Now the only problem is you can't set the the sync schedule, anyone have any ideas???
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I have the same problem w/ Exchange email on my Galaxy S2 now that it updated to ICS. The only thing I've found that seems to work (well, MOST of the time) is if I am NOT on WiFi when I delete and email from my phone, then it usually DOES delete from corporate server as well. But if WiFi is on, then server shows no change. Don't know WHY that would make a differnce and it is definitely a pain in the you know what -- but at least it's "something" for now.
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