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if anyone has a google voice invite it would be much appreciated

Sequre: Invite sent.

NTrocket: Check your PMs need an email address for an invite.

Spreading the love as much as I am able.


I would also love an invite if you have any spare, contagous@gmail.com. I hate begging but i've been trying to get one for sometime now. if you don't have any spare totally understand and thanks for trying :)
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I'd greatly appreciate one as well if anyone has an extra invite remaining. Google doesn't seem to like any of my 3 primary Gmail accounts.

BGrutter@g***l.com Thanks in advance.

can someone send me a google voice invite? I have been waiting for 8 months and registered several times with google voice, but no invite yet... please please someone help out.. thanks so much send google voice invite : sarahskeem@g***l.com
much appreciated!!!!

Sent and sent.
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