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Help If i block someone right after sending a text, does that text still get delivered to them?


Dec 19, 2022
Dont know where to post this, just a quick question and explanation.

I Blocked someone on my phone after being cussed out by a friend in text. I cussed them out back then immediately blocked their number from my phone after sending the last text to them. My question is, Did that final text i sent to them still reach their phone if i blocked them right after? Or if i unblocked them right now, would that previous message end up getting delivered right after i unblock?

I want to unblock the person, but I dont want an awkard situation with a harsh message from months ago randomly appearing in their inbox all the sudden
That is one of many reasons to use a different means of communication with friends and family, and others.

Things like Telegram.

After a message is sent sent, it can be deleated from both at either end.

I often edit my texts between myself and others after I have sent them messages on Telegram.

Even if you make a mistake, it can be changed or completely deleted from any party.

I still use regular texting as well, but I prefer the other because I have eyesight issues and make repeated typos.
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