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If only the iPhone could do this...


Android Enthusiast
May 20, 2010
So I was visiting family in another city today and decided to video call my brother in Arizona... he was on wifi at his house and I was on 3G where I was at.. and guess what.. it worked perfectly... we chatted for about 30 minutes with no problem...

The best part is.. I didn't have to go find a wifi hotspot, and I didn't have to call him first to tell him to go to wifi (even though he was already on it) ... it was smooth, fast and clear through wifi... and spontaneous

Even better I hit the Qik button that changes the camera from front to back.. and it worked instantaneously and gave a wonderful picture, again over 3G and he did the same... and I was in the very back of his yard, far away from the nearest wifi hotspot signal....gotta love it


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