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If you are having eris issues....


Nov 17, 2009
If you are having eris issues, you might want to turn it in for another. I have struggled since day one with the 100% awake issue plus numerous other including some widgets not working, not being able to switch between T9 and ABC in the compact QWERTY keyboard etc.

Then thursday i stopped receiving text messages. Trouble shoot etc. for a while then finally turned my phone in for a new one today.

All of the sudden...SMS awake issue is gone, keyboards work better and other minor stuff works great. Bluetooth issues no longer an issue etc.

I clearly had a bad phone....those experience some of the above should try a new one. I am not back to being a fan of the Eris again.
I often wondered about this. I never had the running time that everyone was complaining about. I usually am around 17% running time but my battery life is still pretty poor. When did you get your first Eris? I only purchased mine on November 24, so maybe I got a newer device build.
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this is really a dumb question but what does "awake time mean" Is it the time the phone is on lock??

When i turn off my phone and turn it back on mine says 100%. Is that bad or good.
The awake time is the amount of time your phone is awake, not in anykind of sleep mode. You dont want 100% awake time if your phone has been sleeping for an hour. Thats means that is was really not alseep
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