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Help IHearRadio APP, buffering/connecting--Anyone?


Sep 5, 2010
Not really a fan of the I Heart Radio app, but since a few of the stations that I listen to uses this app (I used Kinoma on WM6 priorly), anyone sucessful with it?

I installed 1.5 (just crashed), latest VZW version on market, it installed but trying to play station, I get a connecting and buffering but no connection. I tried the 2.2.2 version on I Heart Radio's website, but the same problem that I got with the VZW version (I believe 2.3.x?)

Anyone get it to work with the Optimus V?

If you've used Kinoma products in the past, you'll probably find this very interesting: What Just Happened? What You Need to Know About Kinoma’s Biggest. Week. Ever.

-- Charles Wiltgen

Hey Charles...I signed up for the Android Beta as soon as I saw the note a couple of days ago, and hope it comes out soon. I miss the Kinoma Guide from my Palm a lot, especially when it comes to podcasts and Web radio. I hope you guys can figure out the AAC issues over Android...a lot of current apps break on AAC streams. There's also a major need for a decent video player in Android that has settings tweakings and audio boost. Hope to hear from you soon.
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