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iLLumiShield screen protectors


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Jan 1, 2013
For those of you who have followed my screen protector posts, you know that I've finally mastered applying them. This time around, I've decided to go with clear screen protectors because after going for several weeks using my phone without one I just can't go back to the dull look of the anti-glare/matte protectors. The screen is just so much sharper and better looking without one and the fingerprint resistance is just too much of a trade off for me.

Since I've decided I prefer static cling protectors over wet apply ones, I was going to order a cheap pack of clear Chinese ones from eBay, but then I came across the iLLumiShield protectors. They are made in California from imported Japanese PET film and offer a 3 pack for small devices and a 2 pack for larger devices. For the Centura I paid $8.44 including shipping for a 3 pack. This company also offers a lifetime warranty similar to Zagg, Ghost Armor etc. except they charge you NO shipping and handling!

To me this makes them a great value. All you have to pay after reciving your warranty screen protector is the cost of a stamp to send your old one back. So as long as this company exists (they were just founded in early 2013 and I hope they do well) a new screen protector will only cost 46 cents!

They are advertized as being clear, scratch resistant and fingerprint resistant. Most of the amazon reviews are positive but I'll find out soon enough. When they arrive I plan on filming my install and I'm also going to sacrifice one of them to see how well it holds up to scratches. I'll keep you updated.

PS I just found out that their parent company is Talkie Tech and they don't sell iLLumiShields on their site. They're just treating it as a separate company.
My illumishields just arrived today, and overall I'm very impressed.

First of all here's what I like about them. When they say bubble free they mean it! With any other static cling screen protector I've applied, dust would always cause bubbles. With the illumishields, even if there is dust under the protector a bubble just doesn't form around it. The dust just lies flat. So while there are a few tiny specs of dust, I can't see them when the screen is on so I left it alone. I don't know if this is due to it being a higher quality film or what but it's almost unbelievable. Second, they are crystal clear as advertized as well as a little thicker than the typical screen protector. Once it's on it feels almost just like the phone's glass.

Now here's what I didn't like. The first thing is that the tab to pull off the protective layer isn't stuck very well and I had to push it back down a few times just so it would grab the protective layer. I have read this on reviews so this confirms that it's true. The second thing is that unlike other screen protectors, there is no protective film on the top layer. I just made sure I wrapped the plastic card with a microfiber cloth so it wouldn't scratch the surface. Finally, I noticed a fine hairline scratch right after I put it on. I have no idea what caused it but it remains to be seen how long it will hold up with everyday use.

I also sacrificed one of them and did a scratch test. Unfortunately although they say they are scratch resistant they are no better than any other dry apply protector I've used. I lightly scratched it with a penny and some keys and it already looked like it had been through a war. I tried sand after that and then it was horrible. I'm not worried about keys or change because I keep my phone in a pocket all by itself, but I'm afraid that dust and sand will eventually scratch it up pretty badly. I guess time will tell.

Overall I give the application a 10 out of 10 as it is the easiest screen protector I've ever installed and it's also the smoothest and most clear. As far as fingerprint resistance, I give it a 6 out of 10 because it's easier to clean than the bare screen and finally as far as scratch resistance, a 1 out of 10.

If you're looking for an easy to install protector, look no further but you'll probably have to change it often. On the upside it does have a lifetime warranty!
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Well after only one day of use this thing is soaking up fingerprints MUCH worse than the bare screen. It's back to a matte protector for me! I'll just have to deal with the reduced screen quality! I emailed the company but unless they break their own policy I won't get a refund since I used one for a scratch test and also they say to get a refund the protectors must be unused. I mainly emailed them just to give them some feedback so maybe they can improve the product.
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Hopefully it holds up for ya. I found this brand, Mybat, which I hadn't really heard of, on Newegg. I am still on my first one with three spares. No scratches on my phone or the screen protector, yet. Feels good to the touch and I am satisfied and surprised that a cheap brand actually fit my phone exactly right. Speaker and sensors uncovered. The time on the phone for the illustration on the pack of protectors says 4:20, also. I laughed. I wonder how screen protectors vary in the way they feel. So far I really like these and probably will buy them again but may always give another type a try. I definitely think they are a worthy investment (screen protectors in general) since our screens are the most important part of our phone when you think about it.

I don't mean to hijack at all, just chatting screen protectors lol.


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No problem about hijacking lol. I've actually use Mybat protectors that I've found on ebay and I loved them, In fact I just ordered some more matte/anti-glare ones last week they should be here within a few days. My wife has had one on her phone from day one. It was the one I got lucky with and had a perfect install lol. It's been a few months and she had no scratches.

Now that I'm more experienced I am going to put one on as soon as they arrive. What's strange is if you go to the Mybat website, they don't sell any for the Centura, they only seem to sell the ones for Centura on third party sites. I bet they sell them in bulk because the prices on their site for other screen protectors are higher than eBay.
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LOL that is pretty funny. I just found the answer to my own question, them do have a business section on their site that does list the Centura accessories. I guess this is where new-egg, eBay etc get them from.

I know I'm obsessed when I'm having a conversation about screen protectors on Christmas! :p

P.S. I posted some more info on the system update thread, maybe someone who knows more about it than me can look through the update script and see if there is a time fix.
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So far I'm still liking the Mybat ones. The only thing I don't like is the pixelization especially on white backgrounds. I'm trying to get used to it again though. As far as fingerprints, there are none but there are a few smudges but a dry microfiber cloth takes care of them with just a few wipes. If I wasn't so freaking annoyed by fingerprints and smudges so much I would try the clear ones. Maybe I'll end up ordering some though, who knows lol.
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jmcook79, thank you for your exhaustive (obsessive?) search for the right Centura screen protector. The MyBat site lists two models for the Centura. One is described as "anti-grease" and clear and comes singly; the other is a twin-pack with no grease-related claims. Do you know which model is the matte one? (I would think "anti-grease, but the "clear" throws me.)


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