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I'm over it - not receiving text messages

Sarah A

Jan 14, 2021
Two phones two sims chips same number I don't understand how this is possible I have tried everything factory reset take the Sim ship out of the other phone now I'm receiving no text messages sent you her one of them I'm about done in about to switch carriers
Okay listen I'm not trying to be rude I was not trying to be insulting to anybody but I have talked AT&T 24 different people in the last 4 days also includes Verizon total Wireless and TracFone nobody knows why it is doing that everything on their system is right why SIM card matches my phone ime number like I don't know everything I got a new Sims chip we've tried everything I'm at a loss right now
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Sorry, I didn't think you were being rude, I was apologising in advance in case my question was so obvious that it was insulting. The trouble is that we only know what you tell us, and sometimes people do overlook the obvious.

But maybe if you explain more clearly what is going on? Your first post sounded like you had 2 phones which were both responding to the same number. This second is more confusing though, as it's not clear what Verizon, TracFone or whatever would have to do with it. Nor is it clear what the IMEI would have to do with anything (the phone number is associated to the SIM, IMEI is irrelevant). So I feel less sure I know what's going on now than I did after the first post.

But if they have somehow associated the same number to 2 SIMs there is nothing you can do. That is entirely a matter for their system, and if they don't know what's wrong that doesn't change the fact that the problem is at their end. I did consider whether some call forwarding was set up, but then only the phone it was forwarded to would ring (in fact that would have the opposite result: two different numbers would go to the same phone). IMEI cloning can happen through criminal activity, but that's nothing to do with the phone number, so that's not what this sounds like. And that's all I can think of. Maybe changing service providers would be the answer (or changing numbers, but that's inconvenient as many people need to be told).
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not receiving text messages I'm just ported into AT&T transferred from Total Wireless and now I have two phones with the same number said different Sim chip different carriers I can call somebody from this phone and I can call somewhere else from the other phone and it'll be the exact same number that pops up I have they try to fix it the other one still active but it won't let me send out anything but this phone is not receiving text messages now what do I do I'm at my Wit's End I'm about to switch carriers]
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No I'm sorry I'm super grouchy dude I've been dealing with this for about 6 days or something shit like I said Verizon n TracFone are part of total Wireless that's why they were involved in the whole situation because total Wireless bounces off or uses Verizon towers so it's a total Wireless phone but Verizon phone number that's why that is relevant to what I was saying I was making sure double-checking you know what I mean like is total Wireless released my phone number I had them release it to AT&T AT&T ported it in to att new phone n sims chip I don't think they did it right because I get my phone calls on my AT&T phone but I get my text messages on my total wireless phone that shouldn't even be working does it make more sense to you now
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Code to make it easier yes I have two sims chips different companies same phone number one receive text messages and not phone calls and one receive phone calls but not text messages now I'm getting no text messages at all so I'm not sure what's going on I appreciate your efforts to try to help me though I do apologize again for my attitude problem this is just stressing me out.
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not receiving text messages I'm just ported into AT&T transferred from Total Wireless and now I have two phones with the same number, said different Sim chip, different carriers.

I can call somebody from this phone, and I can call somewhere else, from the other phone,it'll be the exact same number, that pops up.

I have they try to fix it the other one still active, but it won't let me send out anything;this phone is not receiving text messages, now what do I do I'm at my Wit's End? I'm about to switch carriers.
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Hmm, I'm always a little wary where CDMA networks like Verizon are involved, because we don't have those here (I'm European) and they work a bit differently.

The messages are SMS, and not some other protocol (WhatsApp/Signal/whatever other app)? Just checking as those work differently again. Assuming SMS it sounds like some message routing has not been updated, and the fact that it still goes to the Total Wireless phone makes me suspect the issue is at there end rather than ATT's (because if the problem were in ATT's system I'd expect them to pass the message to Total Wireless, but it would be Total Wireless' system that would then pass it on to your old phone/SIM, which implies to me that they still have an association of that number to your old phone or SIM somewhere). But as noted above I'm not au fait with how SMS works on non-GSM networks so beyond the instinctive feeling that there must be something like this going on I'm not confident I can say much about how it could happen.

I assume that this affects messages sent from all networks and not just Total Wireless? If so that would give some clues, but again I'm less certain of how number portability works with the more mixed telecoms systems you have over there.
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Hi Sarah, I combined the three threads you started into one. :)

Does your old phone still have mobile data, or is it on WiFi?

The messages are SMS, and not some other protocol (WhatsApp/Signal/whatever other app)?
Good question, what app on your old phone is getting the messages?

Can you send texts on your new phone? I'm asking about regular texts using the included Google Messages, not WhatsApp or similar app.
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