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Help Im traveling to mexico need help


Aug 3, 2010
Im travelling to Mexico and i want to know if somebody can help me because i dont want ot be charge by network (internet) charges so how can i disable th news feeds and fb twitter and the email check, because if i use them ill be charge for those and i dont want to know how much it will be.

To make sure you do not get charged for data you just need to uncheck data roaming. Select menu --> settings --> wireless controls --> mobile netwoks --> and uncheck data roaming. This is good to do anyways, so when you are roaming in the US you do not get charged as well.

The other option is to download "Quick Settings" a free app from Market. It has a "APN" disable option that will kill data no matter where you are. I use both methods when I travel to Canada. I don't want to pay $15/MB for international roaming.
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