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Im trying to tether, not sure what im doing wrong..


Dec 13, 2009
Hey, I am using a Sprint HTC Hero just got it yesterday, and iv'e been messing around with it looking on forums and what not, and what the HTC website told me to do, in order to tether, and make it so my phone can be connected through a USB cable and give my computer internet, I had to:
-Plug my my phone into my laptop, Via USB cord.
-Press Home>Menu>Wireless Controls, and then enable Wireless network sharing..
I did these steps, and im not sure how to check if its working on my computer, because i already have internet running via my modem in my house. I turned off my wireless internet on my laptop to check if it was working.. and i had no internet, so im not sure what im doing wrong, but any help would be appreciated..
-Btw, i have an unlimited plan, including internet and everything, so i should be able to do this, even people at the spring store said so.
Thanks! :)
I hope you are using Windows XP/Vista/7. We need to have HTC drivers (which come along with HTC Sync installer) needs to be installed in the PC. Once it is in place, if you follow the steps you mentioned would create one new network connection to share internet. If you want to see any new network connections created, you can navigate Control Panel -> Network Connections in your PC. If you are using Ubuntu then it will be connected as soon as you follow the steps you mentioned. No need of any specific manual driver installation. I am not sure about Mac.
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