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Help Image transfer problems


I connected my Note 8 to my Windows 10 PC, navigated with Windows Explorer to the phone, and noticed that the "card" icon was OK, but the "phone" icon showed red and was almost full.

I have WAY too many photos, downloads, screenshots, etc. on my phone and card.
Thinking that I could simply move files from Phone>Download to Card>Download, well, I did.

#1 - the space on the phone appears to not be released

#2 - now when I attempt opening image files over the USB on the PC, some open, and some display a message saying "Sorry, Photos can't open this file because the format is currently unsupported or the file is corrupted." and just don't open.

It appears that the photos were copied to the card (I created a "download" folder for them), not moved.
I have 'transferring files' set as the USB default configuration on the phone (can't find "MTP")
I cleared the phone's cache using Bixby, vol up, power...
The Gallery does not display ALL of the photos, now only images from 'SD Card>download
Microsoft's "Photos" is the default photo viewer on the PC
I've swapped out a couple of USB cables.
Emptied or deleted Trash from the phone's Gallery.

I'm trying so many things I'm afraid I'm rather lost.

I'd like correctly to move ALL of my images, downloads, screenshots, etc. to my PC, free up phone and card space, and move a select few images back to the phone (not sure which folder to send them to).
I'm also not positive if this is a Windows or an Android thing.

Thanks in advance for your help
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i would use google photos if you do not already. i never have to worry about my photos....ever. i can take a picture connect to wifi and my photos will be automatically sync'd. i would check your google photos and see if they are not already backed up. if so, then you do not have to worry about phone or sd card space.
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First, try the following apps to see if we can streamline your efficiency a bit.

First, put this app on your phone and PC.
Put both devices on the same Wi-Fi, and now you can transfer files wirelessly.
Much more simple.

You want all of your personal media on the phone to be on the SD card.

Back up everything onto the computer.

After you have made some space on the phone, put these two apps onto it.
They work great together, are simple, and fast.
Much better than the stock apps on a device.

If you like these, then you may also want this next one, as it will share the theme for any Simple Mobile Tools app so that they are uniform.

There are a series of apps from the same developer that you may want to complete the set.
(Yes, I have them all, lol.)
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First, try the following apps

Those sound like cool apps. I'll try to get started with those later today. I hope moving files with these tools actually does free up space. (My initial effort with Windows Explorer did not)

USB is usually faster than WiFi. Although possibly useful for routine transfers, moving my 6,500 images around might take too long? We'll see.

I am still interested in having some images on my phone, and am still puzzled by the odd behavior when viewing images on the PC. I can see thumbnails, and sometimes an image will render, yet advancing to the next image gets the error and stops any more from being displayed - including the original once I started with.

Is it "legal" to make folders and move files in the phone like I do on my PC? The phone has folders for DCIM>Camera, Download, Facebook, Screenshots, and others. Same folders for the card except for "Downloads" which I created, and then changed to "Download" to match the phone in case that mattered.

I'm about to install or have installed a new battery, so I suppose backing up the entire device may be prudent. Backups can be handy. I wonder if SmartSwitch makes a complete clone.

Thanks kicker...
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That many pics will take a while, and will most likely have to be done in increments.
(I know this from past experience.)

The bright side is that once it is done, all you have to do is move files on a weekly schedule usually.

Use the Gallery and File Manager apps I suggested to find the files to move, and then share them.

NitroShare will come up as an option.

Do this, as I find the file sorting on NitroShare to be clumsey.

Once you select NitoShare, all devices on the network that have NitroShare active on them will appear.

Choose the desired device, and away it goes.

The speed depends upon your router and your devices.

A progress bar makes monitoring the process easy.

When I do music, about 75-100 songs at a time are about all that my junk can handle.

Small sized pictures (less than 1MB) can be transfered as an entire folder, provided that there are not thousands of pictures in a folder.

My folders are pretty individuallized, so this is not often a problem for me.

Good luck.
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