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Help Import/Export/gmail sync problems. (2h HTC support...)


Feb 3, 2011
Hello there, I'm new here and the reason for that is the topic. I thought I should post this here to let you know of a new(according to HTC) problem with the Desire HD that I've encountered.

A summary follows:

Since I am new to smartphones I played around with it for two weeks to get the hang of it. I've added som contacts, apps and other cool stuff and now I decided to restore it to fabric status and completely enhance the phone with my needs only, nothing else. Here the problem begins:

Before I restored my phone I had about 50 contacts which I manually added to my phone, nothing was imported from either SIM or SD, just manually edited and added.

These contacts where exported to my SD-card without any problems and I did the fabric restore. Here's where the issue begins!

The contacts that was exported are not able to be imported to my phone, why? Cause they do not exist in the .vcf backup file! I reset SIM, battery and SD and try again without success and I do one more fabric restore before calling HTC hotline support services.

While on the phone with HTC I have 0 contacts, 0 apps etc (fully fabricversion) and now it's time for a loooong conversation with support. We try to add a contact manually and export to SD, this time there's a pop-up for 0.0001 seconds which I can barely read but it says something like "Export service can not be used, make sure the file is exportable". Ok, this means I'm not able to manually add a contact and save to SD but fortunately I'm able to sync with gmail meaning ALL my manually added contacts can be stored in gmail.

I have an older phone aswell so we wanted to tryout getting the contacts from there onto my SIM and import from SIM to DHD. This worked! I managed to get all my contacts from my old phone to the DHD but of course there is a problem! These contacts can't be added gmailcontacts but can be exported to SD.

This means:
Manually added can be google synced only
SIM added can be SD backupped only

However! If I decide to go into a SIM-contact/imported SD contact and edit this one (change number, email etc), it can no longer be exported to SD(same error as manually added contacts) and still wont be synced with gmail.

So this is the situation right now:
All SIM contacts can be saved to SD, not gmail
All manually added can be saved to gmail, not SD
All imported SD cant be saved to gmail.

To backup my contacts I need to use both, If i try to export all contacts it wont work and if I've edited a SIM/SD contact I'm in deep shit since you can't filter out edited SIMS to a "manually added" contact. It's all very blurry and hard to explain, therefore it should be hard to comprehend even with a description as this one. HTC will contact me tomorrow for further investigation but hopefully someone here as a clue, or someone is in the same situation and will find an answer here in the future.




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