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Inc 2 on pageplus, (almost) no data


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Jan 27, 2012
I'm always looking into simplifying my phone setup, going primarily to talk and text. The $29 plan looks interesting. How's this phone's battery life with data off most of the time? A dumb phone is my first thought but it'd be nice to have Android contact management, the ability to occasionally send an mms or check email, use a few productive apps,...
Any general thoughts? I'd be looking right around the $100 range for this so I don't expect a super phone.

I know you asked this a couple weeks ago, but I'll answer...

Pageplus rocks.. I have wifi available at home and at work, so I weaned myself off of cellular data and now keep $80 a month in my packet instead of Verizon's pocket.

I don't talk much, and only text my wife and kids so I'm a light user, mostly podcasts and email... so I'm on the $12 a month plan with my Inc.2. I run out of data and txts at about 30 days.. so its just right for me if I'm careful.

I started with the $29 plan, 3000/3000/250mb, and that plan is perfect if you are not a big data user (or can find other ways to get your data... download podcasts and music on wifi for listening in the car.. etc.)

You can alway bump up to the $55 plan, unl\unl\2gb, if you know you will need data, like you are going on a trip and might need maps and info on the road.

I installed Droidwall, and told it to block all outgoing data and only allow txt messaging and email when on cellular, and allow everything when on wifi... works great for me and how I use the phone.

As for phones, used Droid X is in that price range and Inc.2 isnt much more... both work great with Pageplus...

PS... you might have to be rooted to get the full effect of Droidwall... I can't remember, but it would be easy to find out... and it's easy to root either phone.
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