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Help Inc2 Home Screen

I just bought a used Inc2 and never having used a droid phone before I think I have pushed on every icon, button, etc just to see how things work... I spent yesterday downloading a bunch of recommended apps.

Ok when I first started using Inc2 there were 7 revolving Home screens but now when I swipe the Home screen left it shows the "People" app or widget and if I swipe it right it shows several apps so where did the 7 Home screens go?

I installed Go Launcher EX and Home Switcher for Froyo to switch between HTC Sense and Go Launcher could this have caused a problem or is it a simple setting I accidently changed?
Are the other screens empty?

It took me a bit to figure out what I'm seeing being new to droid phones but here's what has happened although I don't know how to get it back to the way it used to be.

The 7 screens are all there when you swipe right or left on the Home Screen but all 7 screens are showing the same scene. I had it set on the Verizon Scene so all 7 scenes are that scene whereas originally all screens had different scenes.

It this an easy fix?
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Ok when I go to Personalize>Scene you can swipe through the different scenes which not only have different wallpapers but different widgets or icons you can set as your 'Home Scene'. So swiping left or right from my Home screen I have the same wallpaper on all 7 screens with the Home default screen having the clock and the other screens having various widgets or icons.

Now maybe I'm wrong since I haven't had this phone just a few days but I thought I remembered that from the Home Screen when you swiped left or right it scrolled through these different scenes (from Personalize>Scene) which not only gives you different wallpapers but well scenes.
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