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Help Inconsistant email push - help!


Oct 17, 2010
I love my new Droid X but I have been having intermiddent issues with my email accounts pushing.

I use my stock gmail account, a yahoo account, and a corporate account. When one stops working they all do. I will press the refresh button and it will spin and spin and spin and never succeed regardless of the account that I check.

The only solution is to reboot the phone. Sometimes I can force close the "email" program via the Manage Applications section which may or not immediately fix the problem. This issue seems to happen once or twice a day.

Besides rebooting the phone (which usually works but not always) what else can I check or do to fix this? I use my email all the time and so have to keep checking to see if it's working is extremely annoying.

Sync is set to on - and data is always set to pushing.


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