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Help Incorrect driver name. Does it matter?


Aug 2, 2010
Hi guys! :)
I would like to flash my Spica (GT-i5700) with Android 2.1.
Right now the only problem I have is that when I wire up the phone and my PC using the Samsung USB cable, the device drivers Windows installs, seems to be incorrect. When it first installed the drivers, my Device Manager showed "Samsung CMDA (or something like that) modem" and not "Samsung (Android) USB Modem" under the "Modems" tab. So I right clicked the driver, and chose the option: "Update driver software". I then chose to browse locally for the software, and navigated to my "C:\Users\Benjamin\Desktop\Android 2.1/Modem" folder (from dvr5700.zip) and clicked "Update driver" it updated the driver, but now it shows "Samsung Mobile Modem" and still not "Samsung (Android) USB Modem". And this problem, I can't seem to solve. So the actual question is: Will I be able to flash Android 2.1 with this modem driver, or do I need the "Samsung (Android) USB Modem" driver? :D


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