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Increase Signal Strength

I don't get a signal in my house and just barely do if I stand in the right place in the yard.

I am running a LG Marquee on Boost Mobile. And my wife is using an Optimus V on Virgin. Mobile.

I don't mind putting an antenna on the house or something but all those systems seem very expensive and I am not really sure which one would even do what I want.

All I want is for my phone to get a signal in my house.

I would switch carriers but none seem to work any better. I have verizon for my work phone. And it is no better.

Any advice on a reasonably priced antenna and router type thing would be greatly appreciated.
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I understand your issue, I have the same problem. every carrier cant get a strong signal where I live. Where I work is the same way but they have installed the repeaters or boosters for sprint network so I reap the benifits at work. At home I have wifi so I got an app called groove IP that works great. A friend of mine tried it and works for them also and they are using the free version. Its not perfect but what is. It works good enough to use it. You go thru Google talk and you can even get a local number assigned so you can also receive calls , and its all free.
Hope this helps
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