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lg marquee

  1. 1

    Root Installing a 4.1+ JellyBean App on 4.0.x ICS

    MOD: Please move thread if there is a better forum for it. Hello all, My device (Sprint LG Marqee LS-85) is rooted and running 4.0.x ICS on custom ROM. I have an app that won't install (parse error) which i believe is because it is requires 4.1 JB (min sdk lvl 16). I don't know if the app...
  2. 5fdprox

    Root Help with broken volume down button...

    Hey all,just got this phone to play with as I love the 2.3 platforms...So it has CWM Recovery installed...I must have not cleared data cache etc right bc it went to a boot loop..Well my problem is that the volume down button is broke and i mean no part that seems to work ton that button,the...
  3. J

    Help Need help unbricking Sprint LG Marquee

    I have been trying for the past couple days to unbrick my LG Marquee and cant seem to get it right. I have been using the guide found here but cant get it to work. Also the only way to get my phone to connect is in download mode which I can get to which made me believe it was only soft bricked...
  4. H

    Help Marquee - Buttons not working (much)

    lg marquee - hard buttons on the face are often un responsive. Help!
  5. F

    Root How do I remove MegaTron?

    Can someone please help me remove MegaTron from my LG marquee. i can't activate the phone with sprint.
  6. D

    Root Need help getting Sprint LS-855 to go Boost

    :confused: Hi, my name is Ian [SIZE=3][FONT=Arial] Just over 20 days ago I purchase an LG LS-855 through an eBay auction. It was very inexpensive and in really good shape, so I got it. Before I made the first bid, I called Boost customer support to be sure that I would be able to use a...
  7. N

    Root LG mobile support tool

    The LG tool recognizes the device in downloading mode, BUT does not flash through the 'recovery upgrade' option. maybe its because of CWM so if anyone has the stock recovery that's flashable i could play with the LG tool and instructions on how to flash it :) the device is the LG855 marquee on boost
  8. Dm47021

    Root New Life is comming to this aging phone.

    I now have a marquee and am doing alot of work to get jellybean fully functionial. this device is identical to the p970 which has official cm support. just the cdma variant of it. ive already done major updates to the device tree.
  9. Tattooedgod

    Root Need tester(s) for new tree build

    Need some test to check if this tree is working might be onto something so if you have the time and could help test please. This is a new cm10 build with the new tree, if this tree works will open the flood doors for marquee. But no promises. But if you do test please let me know results soon as...
  10. 1

    Root Farewell Marquee Family

    I Would Like To Say Farewell To The Marquee Community Since I Have A New Phone Now (Nexus 5). The Marquee Was With Me For A Strong Year And A Half. I Just Wanna Thank The People Who Gave This Phone Life And Reach Its Potential. I Will Be Browsing The Forums Here And There, But Now Its Time To...
  11. R

    Help How do I format the SD Card for my Android phone

    I tried to format it on my laptop via adapter, by right clicking SD Card F: going to format, selecting FAT32, checking the quick format box, and pressing start but whenever I place it back in my phone, it won't mount. It says it's damaged. I had the same problem when I first purchased the sd...
  12. S

    Root Thank you for thrills and memories :D

    I am getting the One SV this week and I would just like to thank the LG Marquee family for helping me with this phone and solving my problems. I would like to specifically thank Bloodawn, Chevanlol360, wetbiker7, and of course everyone in these forums, once again thank you and hope to see some...
  13. X

    Root Marquee codes?

    Does anyone know the marquee boost access codes and services codes? Thanks
  14. X

    Root Marquee to Optimus F7?

    Thoughts on the upgrade ?
  15. T

    Root KitKat supporting 512MB RAM devices.

    So is marquee getting this or what? :) Android KitKat developers site: Android KitKat | Android Developers
  16. C

    Root Marquee Ubuntu? Cyanogen?...

    I've got an LG Marquee left over from when I was with Boost that I would like to use like a PDA or tablet. Simply put, I could care less about the phone features and would like to use it as a computing and web device. Ultimately, I want to ditch all the Boost / Sprint proprietary garbage...
  17. teezy23

    Root cant install cwm HELP PLz!

    so followed i the thread on how to install cwm thru a windows computer with tha .bat file but it always gives me a sending zerglings trying a new path about four times then some permission denied crap then the phone reboots i got into recovery but it is still the stock recovery:confused:
  18. A

    Help lg marquee dead hard reboot fail please help

    Hi my lg marquee went into a loop during start up and I never had a problem with my phone I removed the battery there times it would not start screen went black. I did a hard start as a factory would I got the screen to clear phone and I did all it asked but it was taking too long to boot I...
  19. bfldworker

    Root KitKat very possible

    Being Android 4.4 is designed to work on older devices with low memory, does anyone thing there is a chance to develop a KitKat ROM for this device?
  20. 1

    Root Date Help [SOLVED]

    I'm Running CTMod 3.80 And I'm Having Trouble With The Date. One Moment, I Had It As The Right Date (Which Is Today). So I Cut It Off To Charge. I Power It Back On And Now It Says "December 31, 1999" :( Is There Any Way To Fix This? Edit: Didn't Know I Had To Turn On GPS
  21. D

    Root Boost Mobile Unthrottled

    Hello, I wanted to see if anyone else is getting unthrottled data on boost mobile after 2.5gb . I am on ctmod 3.8 on LG marquee. All I do for unthrottled data after 2.5 gb is go into settings and select about phone. I update my profile and reboot phone. Every time I have unthrottled data. If I...
  22. O

    Help Help n Suggestions for boot loop, no recovery

    Got used Marquee, factory reset, did App based apk root, titanium backup pro, Used titanium to "Force remove" Boost zone app. Reboot now shows: LG logo then followed by a lil droid guy, a box, and install bar that does not move, just resets like a flash every 4 seconds. No way into recovery...
  23. X

    Root Data?

    My data / 3g is not working. Not even showing up. I am rooted on 6.2.5 with LG Marquee. Help!
  24. X

    Root Play Error

    So recently I've downloaded Marky Beats v2 and Hyper Kernel 2.2 and flashed them. Now when I go to Google Play Store it says I have insufficient memory and can't download the app. I have 1.78g in my SD , and 2.? gigs on my total storage. I've cleared Davlik and cleared caches for the play...
  25. X

    Root Super slow boot?

    Takes from 2-5 mins jst to boot.