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Incredible Back Ordered


Mar 25, 2010
I decided to go from the Eris to the Incredible after playing with one in the Verizon store. They said it was back ordered to check with Best Buy, the ones near my house were all sold out. The closest I found was 3 hours away, they have 5 left. I have to buy the phone out right and noticed it has a 599 price tag opposed to 529 at verizon. Has anyone heard of when they are going to start shipping them or should I just drive the three hours to get it?
It's your call. I'd drive since it's into the middle of next month when they will ship at this time. It might be pushed back even further the if the screens that HTC needs from Samsung are still back-ordered...

BTW, search is your friend. There are a number of threads like this with bunch of different information about the backorder status of the DI.
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