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Help Incredible + Facebook Chat

There's an app in the market called Jabbroid Pro, it's around $2. It works great with FB chat using the way they implemented Jabber to chat.

Install the application and follow the instructions here for "other"

Facebook Chat. Everywhere. | Facebook

The good thing about this solution is you don't need a browser, and your FB chat will act similar to GTalk or any other IM program as it'll run in the background and notify you if you have any messages.
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I am running Bloo v1.5 beta! :D It FINALLY has chat built into it. It's not perfect, but it integrates pretty well with Sense and the notification system in general. PM me if you want a link to the APK (not on Android Market yet).

Take care,
I've had the older version of Bloo (the one on the market) for a while, but was curious, do you have problems when you click "Profile"?
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