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Help Incredible lost netowork on mms!!


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Apr 8, 2010
Bloomington, IN
Ok sitting at home, getting ready to go to bed, friend sends me a MMS. So I go to download and I noticed that I have no 3G connection, not even 1x, So I try to download it and it tells me that there is Generic Network Failure. Now I can't make any calls or do anything. It was working fine until i got the MMS. I have tried changing the size to download and just about every setting. I can't figure it out. I love this phone, but now it is starting to make me mad!! I hope somebody can help me out. Thanks in advance guys.
That was the first thing i did, I tried a hard reboot, nothing, But just now I woke it up and it said that the android process for the mms needed to be forced closed but I had signal back, So i forced closed it and now I lose signal again! what is going on? Did somehow the MMS kick me off the network, I try to make a call and this is what it says

"thank carrier access code not reconized by this network 6680-1"
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I am using the stock messaging app, Should I use a different one? with sms I seem to be fine. this is the first MMS I got in over a month and now it is starting to do this.

EDIT: I tried re-programing it and it is still doing it. I am going to take it into the store tomorrow and try to find out what is wrong. Worst case. I still have 3 days to return the phone... But I don't want to. But thank you for your help.
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