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Root Incredible Revolution


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Jul 1, 2010
I'm using the Feather 1.7 ROM with the Incredible Revolution Theme from the Virtuous section of Rom Manager.

On my main screen, I have the sync icon spinning in my notification bar...all the time. It never stops. I turned all my syncing off, and it's still going. I don't know if my phone is syncing something or the little icon is just doing it's thing for no reason, either way my battery life was terrible today. plus it's annoying just sitting up there spinning all the time next to my 3g icon. anybody know of a remedy?
i haven't deleted facebook but I turned facebook syncing off. I did make a backup, and I did restore and the syncing problem went away. Before I restored, I used WatchDog and it told me that Android System was taking 99.9% of my CPU all the time. After I restored to the pre-theme ROM, it was 3.6% CPU usage.

too bad too cuz that theme looked sweet. oh well.

anybody have any recommendations for good themes for a sense based ROM?
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