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Help Indulge return to home screen


Jun 14, 2011
Is there any way to keep the inulge from returing to the home screen after it times out and turns off. For example if I am in my gmail and have to set the phone down for a minute and the screen goes blank. I press a button and the screen comes back on but I am back at the home screen and have to open up gmail again. Is there anyway to prevent this so when I turn the phone back on it is still in the gmail or any other app that was currently open.
Also, if the phone's screen was not blank for too long, use the power button to wake the phone rather than the home button on the bottom. This will prevent you accidentally hitting it twice and going to the home screen as well.
Also, do remember that although android "closes" your apps, they're are more in a stand by state rather than completely off usually, and you may be able to restore it to the exact screen you were viewing by pressing and holding the home button and select the wanted application in the pop-up list. ;)
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