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Infinite problems after update, USB storage fails, need help


Feb 12, 2011
Hello everybody,

I've read through numerous posts of other poor souls that suffer the same problems I find myself encountering after having downloaded the android 2.2 update: phone restarts on its own constantly and within minutes of loading the desktop screen; trying to access my list of applications leads nowhere and phone just restarts; overall the phone is v..e...r....y slow; I receive this message frequently "Application Google Services Framework (in process com.google.process.gapps) is not responding" and whether I force close or wait nothing resolves the issue; if the initial screen with the unlock slide button and volume slide button options goes black because I've returned to my phone too late, I can't illuminate it no matter what I press and then have to either await its self-restart or somehow power it off myself; my "menu" button doesn't work (at least, pressing it and waiting, or pressing it over and over) doesn't pull up menu options; home button functionality comes and goes; lastly, when I am in USB storage (if I can get that far before it restarts) in order to backup my data I have only the time to transfer between 2 and 3 files (I'm talking files that are less than 1MB) before the phone restarts and I have to wait all over again. I understand from all the other postings that my only possible resolution will be to factory reset or master reset, which I've accepted, but at this point I can't even keep the phone on, illuminated and mounted to my computer long enough to backup my data before resetting. Does anyone have any advice for dealing with the issue of restarts at least so I can recuperate my files before resetting??? Furthermore, if anyone has found relief for any of the other problems apart from a reset, please share your info.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer!


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