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Installed Handecent, How do I turn off Pre-Installed Messaging


Jul 23, 2013
As above...I installed Handcent on my S4 as prev had it on my S3 and managed to turn off the pre-installed messaging that was on the phone.

Fast forward to my purchase of the S4 and I cannot turn off the pre-installed messaging !!! AAAAAAAaaaaaargh......everytime I receive a text, I now receive 2 !!! 1 to Handcent and one the the pre-installed.

Have tried disabling it, making handecent default msg app...to no avail

Can someone please help :thinking::thinking::thinking:
Cheers, Think I will install that then...Will miss the Handcent timer delay in sending msgs though....we have all been there and sent a msg to the wrong person lol

I don't recommend anything by the Go Team. Too much bloatware that slows down the phone. On top of that, tons of themes for Go contain nasty adware.

It's a shame too. I remember 2 or 3 years ago their apps were sleek and very trim. No ads.

I recommend contacting the Handcent developers and discussing your problem. Perhaps they've ran into it before with other S4 users, and they may have a solution for you.
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I have pretty bad eyes and i dont wear glasses in public so big bright font on black background is a must for me.
I dont text as much as i used to so the lag doesnt bother me much

I have bad eyes, too. I can see my computer monitor just fine without my glasses, but further than that or closer than that and I'm as blind as a bat without my glasses.

I'm using Slim Bean with their gapps package and the default Message app has a black background with white and blue text. I can also change the font size in the Message options, which is a good thing for me. I think AOKP does that also.
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Well thats Go Sms finally uninstalled. I feel clean now :D
Thanx again Petrah.

Thats two recent lessons ive learned. 1 always give a rom's kernel a chance before flashing your favourite one.
2 check out the stock core apps :beer:

Do u know how i can get sms popups? I have HALO but im not as impressed with it as i could be

EDIT found popup option but cant change font size for it. Anyone know an add on type app for pop ups with font changer? :beer:
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On the S4, the notification for the stock SMS is under settings in the Messaging app. Just scroll down and uncheck the Notifications. At least that setting was there in the S4 that I played with in my carrier's store as I was paying bills, LOL. Or if its not, go into applications in settings and turn off notifications there.

And I have switched to Handcent from Go SMS. The only reason I don't want to use another SMS app is that those are the only two apps I've seen that allow you to split a group message to individual threads for each recipient.
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