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Installing a lot!


May 24, 2011
Hi guys,

I LOVE to install different apps, try them, compare them, and then pick those that i like (Geek. ok). The problem is that i'm afraid that many installations and un-installations will make the OS very slow (not to mention that i also want to experiment with installing different ROMs and MODs).
In windows I use a sandbox software and virtual machines to experiment with new apps.

Is there a way to do that on android? is there a sandbox or a 'safe' environment to try many apps without affecting the OS, its files/drivers and the fragmentation of the drive?

Thanks in advance!
And to add to what sitlet said:

To do all that, you must be rooted and have a custom recovery. You should utilize the NANDroid backup/restore to your advantage here. The backup creates an image (actually several images of the partitions of your internal memory) and saves it to your SD card. That image preserves the exact state your phone is in at the time of the backup. If you end up screwing something up, you can just restore the NANDroid backup and be right where you started.
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