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Intermittant LED Notification


May 14, 2010
Believe it or not the desire is the first phone I have ever owned that has an LED notification feature for messages, missed calls etc and I love it! My problem is that it is somewhat intermittant with email notifications. Sometimes it works, others not. I have checked the settings and all is as it should be as far as I can tell. My email account is a Google mail one.

Anyone else experienced this and have any ideas?
Does it not light up at all? There are reports of it only flashing for 5 minutes, which unfortunately is not customisable.
Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt. For example I can send myself an email from my work addy with the phone right next to me and no flash but send another a few minutes later and it does flash. More often than not it does but its annoying when it doesnt.
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