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internal memory managment advice


Jun 23, 2010

I have a desire, unlocked and debranded running 2.2, since installing it last Sunday I keep getting a low memory message. I have moved apps to sd, deleted seldom used apps that were on the internal memory and gone through and cleared the cache down on browser and apps.

What else can I do to free up internal memory, is the only way to remove unwanted HTC apps eg. Stocks, tweet etc to root and run a custom Rom?

Thanks for any help in advance
Yes you would have to root to remove preinstalled apps.

Have you managed to pinpoint what is taking up the most space via manage applications?

I know it's an obvious one (sorry) but have you rebooted since you made the changes?

I'm not on 2.2 yet but I thought it was supposed to solve low storage space issues, clearly not in your case!
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Thanks for the reply, Google maps is the biggest culprit, as far as I can tell 2.2 is a lot smoother and quicker but does not solve the memory problems I had possibly 10th to 15 apps extra and not on SD while running 2.1 with no problems

Wondering if 2.2 reserves more memor to multi task and run quicker
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Google maps is the biggest on mine too, taking up around 9MB.

I don't know how 2.2 manages the space differently but if you had 15 apps more on 2.1 that's not good. I'm wondering if it pulls apps you are currently using from sd into memory perhaps?

I have around 120 apps on my 2.1 phone and haven't run out of space.
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I know its very strange, I have had task killers running / not running as I know there are 2 schools of thought on there worth within Android OS but either way it has made no difference.

I am hoping Google will update there apps to pull them across to SD but I won't hold my breath

I can only think that froyo allocates some memory to speed up processes as there has been no physical upgrade .

Hoping a android/ desire guru can point me in the right direction
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