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Root [International] About to flash my first rom


Sep 29, 2012
Ok i am about to flash my first custom rom. I saw this video Galaxy S3: How to flash Custom ROMS - I9300 - Cursed4Eva - YouTube and i want to know if it is all i have to do. I will flash this rom: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=35630149&postcount=38985

I backed up via cwm choosing the option back up in internal sd. So if i wipe all the data, can i restore everything via cwm again?? I also backed up data and apps via titanium backup but i find the cwm backup easier. Anything to be careful??
SuRoot has pretty much covered everything u would need to do a full wipe before flashing omega rom. Also just to be safe connect ure phone to the pc and take a backup of the clockworkmod folder and the titanium backup folder.


just saw ure post

u would need to just install titanium backup and click on batch and then select restore apps + data. It will restore everything for u
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ok everything went perfect, the only issue is i lost my sms. Is there a way to restore them?

If you didn't backup sms as per the thread I linked to... not easily.

Assuming you followed my advice and changed recovery to philz, you could backup your new setup (nandroid) restore your old nandroid, install the app suggested in my backup thread and backup sms, then restore to your newer nandroid and restore sms.

If you didn't follow my advice about recovery, you can try the above but good luck with that
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