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Root [International] Beep 'n Go


Android Expert
Jun 24, 2011
Southampton UK
IMPORTANT NOTE: Beep'nGo only works with versions of Android that have been built and signed by Samsung. We regret the inconvenience this may cause device owners who choose to customize their devices by installing custom versions of the Android operating system.

So you may or not of noticed this new NFC app in your Play store library. The above note pinned to it's description. Has anyone else taken the time to look at this at all? As it is clearly telling us rooted phones will not be able to run this software. And seen as Samsung have selected it themselves to be pre-installed on its recent firmwares does this mean Google Wallet does not work on rooted firmwares also?(scratch that as I noticed Wallet isn't available on the S4 i9505 yet it would seem*)

As i've mentioned before I used to have an NFC logo on the notification bar before I initially rooted and whilst this could be related to the carrier firmware and possibly a random NFC app , I've yet to see any evidence of NFC actually working for me.

*Un tested method detailed here Blog o wszystkim i o niczym: Google Wallet on the International Galaxy S4 (i9505)


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