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Root [International] Flashing CyanogenMod 11 without Hiemdall?


Android Expert
May 28, 2010
Cheshire UK
Hi guys.

This is really aimed at Dynomat, but any other advice would be welcome.

After finally rooting my Note, I'm looking assert installing CM11. Loved CM on my old GS2.

Reading the CM site, or sounds like the only way I cab usual it is by installing the Hiemdall recovery. Really can't be arsed doing all this.

Is it possible to install CM11 using the stock recovery?
I've decided not to flash any new ROMs for now.
I loved CM on my old S2, but in reality, the only real feature I loved was the theaming one.
I'm a strong believer of "If it's not broke, don't fix it".
So I'll leave well enough alone.
A lot of work to reinstall everything after installing a new ROM. Just to make my phone look pretty.
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Yeah messed about with quite a few settings.
Not seen anything like a full theme mod like the one CM offers.

Love the Cobalt themes.

I did find a mod that allows you to use SOME CM themes, but they have to be altered to work, and the choice from the developer is very limited.

Having a red Note, my screens are always red themed to match.
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