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[International / GSM] Nexus Root Toolkit for Galaxy Nexus questions


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Jun 28, 2012
so im talking about the program found here Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.4 | WugFresh

first i would assume that gsm/hspa is for canadians right.

now the hole unlock bootloader and root thing is there any privacy risks like i dont want any roms or .img apps installed thats gonna track what i do.
also when unlocking and rooting do i have to download any custom roms or .img file or can i just unlock and root the factory rom that im using.:D thx
Moved to the Nexus Root section. :)

ROMs etc wouldn't track what you do. ROMs like CyanogenMod have recently implemented privacy guards and a secure messaging system. Have a look here for more info: This week in CyanogenMod | CyanogenMod

If anything, I'd be more worried about stuff like that on the stock ROM TBH (and I'm not worried about it at all on the stock ROM).

After the bootloader unlock, your phone will be wiped clean, even stuff on the virtual SD Card will go so it's a good idea to backup everything you need before hand. The tool actually has a feature to do this iirc. There's no need to install a ROM once you're rooted though, you can quite happily stay stock.

Just remember to un root and flash the stock recovery if you want to take an OTA.
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Yeah, once rooted, the program can take a backup of the SU binary, temp uproot so you can accept the OTA and then reinstall after the update has installed.

I'll need to double check (it's been a while since I've used it to root), but I think you need the custom recovery installed to root. I could be well off the mark there though.
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