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Root [International] Reinstalling OS on S3.. How do I start from scratch?


Dec 4, 2011
My S3 is unbelievably slow lately (lags all the time in simple apps, apps crash for no reason etc) so I'd like to start from scratch again.

All my contacts are saved to my Google Account and I have my email settings written down, and I've copied all downloads files and images onto my computer.

I'm currently running Omega v38 and was very happy with it until the recent lags, so I'll probably just put Omega back on unless someone recommends something lighter.. I only use my phone for work (lots of calls and emails, some messaging and Candy Crush!) so I don't need anything too intense. But I do need the ability to disable the security settings on Exchange Mail as I can't put a password in every time I need to use my phone!

What is the best way to completely start from scratch?

You can get the original Samsung ROM from Samobile. Make sure you get the correct one for your phone and then flash it via Odin

Go here:
Firmwares | SamMobile

Enter your details to see the available ROMS.

This will reset you to stock and unrooted (Or at least I think it un-roots the phone).

I was running the latest version of Omega and had to flash mine back as it was becoming unusable. I've now moved to a AOSP rom, Carbon, and found it way better.
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