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Root [International] Wifi Problem S3


Jul 21, 2013
I have a wifi problem that i cant connect over a distance and literary must stand next to the router to have connection i have done all the methods like the service call and deleting the cache but it still doesnt work well

can somebody help me out and explain what is the problem

i have flashed my s3 from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 and then again to 4.1.2 because i didnt liked it and i just have the phone
Not sure what do you mean with basic reset but you should go to recovery mode to wipe data and wipe Cach / Dalvik Cache
What I mean, from recovery there is usually a factory reset setting, it basically wipes the data and cache partitions.

also in most roms there is a back to factory reset option that does the same thing, reboots the phone and proceeds to wipe data and cache partitions.
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