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Root [International] wifi tether not working (any more)


Android Expert
Aug 3, 2011
Not sure if this is the best place to post this but I need some help getting my wifi tethering to work.

I'm on AOKP and I get the message on both my windows PC's that "Wireless Network Connection doesn't have a valid IP configuration" and it fails to obtain an internet connection. The computers can connect to the phone but with no internet.

Are there some settings I'm missing that are preventing it working? It used to work before but the last time I tried it I had Wanamlite installed.

I tried restoring my previous nandroids in case it was the kernel I'm using but none of the AOKP restores work and neither does my NeatRom restore.

I'm on 3 UK and as I said I have tethered with the phone before but not since flashing a couple of different roms.

Could it be I need different APN settings?
you could try this APN uploadfromtaptalk1372266650503.jpg
Just make a new apn, name it anything and make the APN 3internet then save it
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Thanks funky

I found what the problem was

If I disable my android firewall (DroidWall), I get a connection.

Although this is good :) I'm annoyed about having to turn off my firewall :(

I can't find any individual app I can "allow" to enable the connection to work. Maybe this is a fault of DroidWall.

Well I guess it was the correct place to post after all, because using a firewall is a root-only issue.
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Well I researched and found out that it is indeed DroidWall itself that is causing the problem, apparently by blocking incoming packets for port 67.

Good news... Although the dev is no longer developing Droidwall, a fork is being developed called AFWall+ which is like DroidWall but better - it works with wifi tethering, which is the important thing.

Nicely, it allowed me to import my Droidwall app rules so I didn't have to go through them all again, choosing which apps to allow and which not. :)

It looks very good - even has Tasker support.

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