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Help Internet not available on LG G4 when at home

My LG G4 on a Tmobile network running Android version 5.1 use to work perfectly fine on my home WiFi. Now, the phone connects to the router but then prompts me with the message "Internet not available". I have other devices (Iphone, Ipad, Amazon fire stick, Galaxy note tablet) that work fine. I've done a factory reset on my phone which solved the issue for a day or two but then the issue started again. I've also did a hard reset on the router. If there is more information needed please let me know and I'll post it. Thanks!
Check your router's DHCP settings. If you have that many devices connected and have limited the number of IP's it will server, you could be connected to the WiFi network but not getting on the subnet (No valid IP).

Hi folks, after coming home from work last night the wifi started working. Coming home, today it stopped again. Very frustrating. The switch to mobile data is not checked and it appears that an ip is assigned.

Is there a way to view what has been updated to try and narrow the issue? What I'll say is there was a long period of time when the wifi was fine. Thanks for the help!

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Nuts, after reading through your postings I was leaning towards a router issue but you pretty much negated that. Sounds like it's something with your G4 then. As it appears to be getting an IP address but you're getting 'Internet not available' messages (and your stable of other devices are getting online OK), I'd think about changing the DNS on your G4. Try an app like this:
It's a nice option that provides a number of public DNS addresses.
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To Lunatic59 - I've tried forgot networked and reconnected to no avail.

To svim - I'm going to give the DNS app a try. But the Internet not available comes up as a notification shortly after I connect to the router. I do not have internet with any apps or browsers.

Some new information - I'm here at the local college and am able to connect to the WiFi here. This is a two level authorization. I.e. I need a password to connect to the wifi then afterwards I have to "Log in". Wifi is perfect here. No issues at all!

Before I swapped the router at my folks place. I was able to connect to the Wifi and get internet. Which made me think it was the router. But once I got home - same issue. Could it be a issue with the modem and if so why would it only be with the G4?

Anyone have any experience reaching out to LG about issues? I wonder if they would be helpful.
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Update- I can confirm it's not the router. I went to my folks place with my router and the Internet was available on my g4. It's also available using their router at there place. Any idea what can be done to the modium?
OK now that's really interesting. It just doesn't sound like a modem or router issue, the problem points to something going on with your G4. All your other stuff is getting online access OK and you've even taken the effort to swap and test your router elsewhere, plus your phone works OK except in this one location. I'm still guessing the signs indicate a DNS issue on your phone, simply because any device gets a valid IP address doesn't necessarily guarantee full Internet access.
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