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Internet not starting at "home page"

Answers to how already posted. Why? Because simply backing out of the program isn't closing it. That's the downside of multitasking, but it's really the same as if you simply minimized a window on your PC. When you go back to that window it picks up where you were. I always tell people that unless you fully stop programs (and many force you to do that via Running Services Force Stop), you're really only minimizing windows on this phone, not closing them.
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a somewhat faster way to close it, ESPECIALLY if you've been surfing a while, is to go to menu > windows, then close out that window, then hit the last button twice and it will back out of the app.. works well for me

tho i cant seem to get that dumb vision.sprintpcs.com page to go away.. i set google as my home but when i load the app the vision.sprint page loads everytime, i would have to specifically hit menu > more> home.. which to me defeats the purpose.. not a huge hassle, but still..
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