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Help Internet up arrow freezing


Sep 10, 2011
Hi, I have an issue with my desire with the up arrow on the internet freezing and locking up the internet for approx 3 mins, and the only way to get the internet back is to either wait approx 3 mins, put the phone into airplane mode and back to normal or switch the phone off and on.
I've read on other forums this seems to be a problem with t-mobile branded handsets.
I've sent the phone in for repair with t-mobile (whilst it was on android 2.2) and it came back the software reflashed but with the same fault so i upgraded to the stock 2.3 gingerbread rom but the same problem still exists happening about a dozen times a day.
So I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and since rooted their phone and whether rooting had sorted the problem?
It doesn't make a difference where I am it's happened in different areas of the country, also doesn't the stock 2.3 gingerbread rom debrand the phone anyway as mine now has no t-mobile splash screen or t-mobile programs.

Well that would remove all software and carrier problems, dredding to think its a hardware fault. But i wouldnt know.
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