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Aug 10, 2010
Hi. My Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1 has suddenly stopped connecting to my homw wi fi although I can still connect if I tether my phone. At switch a connection is attempted during which time the signal shows as high strength. Eventually it gives up telling me that the network is disabled with a poor connection. My phone and laptop still connect. Any ideas please???
Firstly reeboot your router and see if this helps.

If this does not work consider if you have any other wireless devices which may be interfering with your signal, regardless of signal strength.

ie. i recently added some wireless video senders which work on a 5ghz signal and they interfere with one of my laptops and one of my tablets.

The challenge here for me was to change my router setup to stop using auto channel mode, then manually select a broadcast channel, until i eventually found something that 'best fits' my setup.

Sometimes you have to think outside the box as it may not necessarily be something computer related that is causing issues with your connection.
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no new connections and have rebooted several times. Wifes tab still connects ok

Process of elimination then.

What apps have you installed lately prior to your WiFi failing to connect.

If you can uninstall any apps that may be deemed as connection managers or similar this may help.

Failing that, do a factory reset on your tablet, this will more than likely cure the problem.
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