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Oct 27, 2010
Hey all, i saw the lil green guy telling me to introduce myself and not lurk so i am doing so. I'm an avid blackberry user but love the android interface. I plan on going ANDROID before i even think of going iphone. Im pretty tech/hack savvy. Running windows xp and Mac OSX on my laptop and able to recover any bricked blackberry n/p. Also keep up with the latest os's for blackberrys so yeah...i know its android and im slowly coming to the light side of the force but we shall see. My dream phone is the Nexus one...dun care what you say about the g2, that will come second if i cant get a nexus one. So yeah...let me know if you're selling one or anything. Just dont shoot that price up out the roof...im a former college student (graduated) so yeah...job market and money sucks right now.:)


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