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iOS for android?

I would most likely just search "ios launcher" on the android market, I've seen a lot on there, and some are pretty decent!

As for a cheap android phone, don't go too cheap, android may be cheaper, but there is a reason some are cheaper. I would recommend something like the HTC evo, good screen size if you like ios, a little bit of an older model so it should be cheaper, but also should get the job done. Another option is the Kyocera rise. I used this one for a while. Worked decent for the time that I had it, still use it as a security camera every once in a while. Also there are plenty of cheap phablets unlocked on eBay. Problem is a lot don't have a brand, so its really just a very generic android version and you won't find much help on its hardware anywhere. This means if it starts getting laggy and slow, even the things we can try and help you with may not work, because we do not know the device in question.

Hope this helped you out a bit! Good luck on your next device search!
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Alright another option, here it is. Search for the following: Hi Launcher.

Screen shot:


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So i bought a iPhone off my friends mum, and it's slowly degrading, everything is breaking on it and I want an android, due to them being cheaper ( I think) but I like the layout of iPhones, is there anyway to get the iOS layout etc (look) but on an android?

Hmm well I think if you want an extremely close - or as close as you can get to the original iPhone then you should really try this out! ;)

I think it is just what you are looking for and cheaper than 200$ (it looks like about 160$???) dollars so must be quite a bit cheaper if you are converting to Pounds?

You can't get closer than that my friend! :)


Must be a billion patent infringements all over the place! :D

They even use the identical "retina" display on the iPhone 4! :D

Whahahaha! :D



If you choose the Goo-Apple of your choice (there is more than likely a waaay better model out now than the 1 I showed there) please be very careful of who you buy from online!

Please just be careful and make sure that who ever you buy from that they are well known but way more importantly trustworthy...


Your 200 Pounds = In some one's Swiss Bank account!
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It is basically an iPhone Clone but under the hood it is Android, with it being so close to the original GUI / interface that you will more than likely question what the heck it really is yourself. :)

Here are some prices of the many models on some random site (remember to be careful though and do some research on any of the online shops if you want to go said route):

Android Phones List of All Android Phones

Have no idea if they are trustworthy or what.

Just be careful bud...
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Android-Store of Shenzhen, China...yeh be very careful and wary.

I did have a look at a KIRF iPhone 5 in Shenzhen a few weeks ago. Not sure if it was using the MIUI ROM(Chinese) or not. It seemed quite convincing pretending that it was iOS, until I went into the device settings options...and boom... "The process com.android.phone has stopped unexpectedly." :rolleyes::rolleyes:

Can't really recommend them, you pays your money, you takes your chances.
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