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IR Xmitter? I'm sold! But it's still probably a no-go


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May 1, 2010
So I've decided I can live with needing adapters for the obnoxious AIO connector. The IR Xmitter blows the door open for universal remote apps which I've wanted for a long time without needing a dongle or some sort of add on.

Now here's the trick, they've clearly positioned this device for carriers like the first Galaxy Tab 7. This means it will come to the US months after the rest of the world and it'll be another 4-6 months until we see a Wifi only model while I wait out carrier exclusivity. This means by the time I can buy it off-contract for a "reasonable" price we will be on the cusp of another tech trade show, a successor or some other company's awesome tablet will be announced, and I will once again be on the fence. *Sigh*
If it has an IR Xmitter I'm sold. It will be my new mediacenter remote and then some. I use to have the universal remote MX3000 which was a Windows Pocket PC based OS remote. Thing was incredible. I used it as a model to learn the programming on to train the installers at a local A/V store. But as the market turned down and sales slipped away they saw no need to leave a $1000 remote with me. :(. More than I would pay as I'm somewhat cheap. I'd pay $1000 for a remote running Android that met or exceeded what that MX3000 could do as a remote and that I could also watch trailers on and browse imdb... I was about to look into a BT to IR solution for my Samsung Galaxy S II.
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Given that many of the currently released models are coming out of Austrailia, and the site is out of Chicago, I wouldn't worry.

Thanks boss. Now the only question is do I pay the astronomical price for that AMOLED goodness, or do I wait to plunk down $250 for the upcoming 7inch Asus Transformer Prime that was shown off at CES.
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