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i'm on the east coast in VA and was experiencing nearly the same as you describe for almost two weeks - was thinking Tmo was throttling my 3G data connection back cause i had busted the 5G ceiling two months in a row

but last week it corrected

one thing you can do, is check your signal strength - punch *#*#4636#*#* on your dial pad, then go to "phone info"

you;ll see signal strength - mine is generally showing -63 dBm (the lower the number the stronger) - mine seems to still be pulling 3G svc up to -89 dBm, but above that seems to drop back to Edge

when it shows "UMTS" for network, that's 3G, otherwise it'll show "Edge"
not sure what other indications lower it'll show
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Maybe they need to replace some equipment ...

Ya, like replace the ATT backbone. FYI: the telecom wars are heating up (again). ATT is making a concerted effort to degrade performance to their own DSL customers in favor of Apple iPhone traffic and against any and all alternate carriers. T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, et al, are the targets for reduced bandwidth, carrier overload ... even that "do not call" list is now the democrat phone tree.

Every single trouble ticket issued at T-Mobile second tier in the last month is, at root, an ATT problem. :mad:
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