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Is Better Keyboard better than the keyboard that comes with the Eris?

I downloaded better keyboard last night out of curiousity and its pretty nice. The main difference between it and the hero/eris keyboard is the buttons are bigger and there are no spaces between them like the sense keyboard.
My one gripe with it so far is it doesn't seem to recognize the used word dictionary in my hero and it doesn't seem to have one of its own.
"Hehe" will always come up as "behe" as an example.

Because of that I'm typing this message on the stock keyboard. I have to see about finding a used word dictionary for it. I've got till 1030 tonight to return it otherwise :)

Edit: downloaded the dictionary for it and a long press on one of the suggested words saves it as it should. Hehe now comes out properly (example) and I love this keyboard even more now. A lot easier to type with it.
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