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Is it possible to change j2me application to android application?

Thanks everyone.
Does App Runner convert all j2me mobile application?
For ex i developed j2me based application for accessing phonebook.
Is this application vl work on android?

-- Bharath.

Hmm i dunno the ins and outs of it buddy but you can run any j2me app natively on Android i think it is an emulator... :)

Is that what you were looking for dude?

Keep well and thanxs for the thanx :)

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Whoa wait i dunno about that i read ur question and now that i realize it i don't think it will work... i am sorry friend

You will have to code again or change here and there dude... i am sorry.... :( I am only myself a begginer so i am not too sure dudde ... sorry :(
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I developed j2me based application with LWUIT framework.
Is it possible to change the this application to android based application? Or can i need to create new project? :thinking:

You will need to rewrite your app for Android, or convert your app from J2ME to Android using one of the conversion services. UpOnTek has developed such a service, no need to send code, only jad/jar.

Take a look at www.upontek.com and give it a try !
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