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Root Is it possible to control where downloads are saved?


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Feb 27, 2010
Middle Earth, USA
I couldn't find where this has been asked, and if there is a better place for it, please move it. I was curious if there is anything out there that will let a user pick where something is saved to once it's downloaded. I found myself in the position the other day with no apps and no market, so the ROM's that I downloaded to the phone where useless considering they where in a download folder. Also, it would be nice to automatically save pictures and things to a specified folder, I've noticed that the Mob Decor app has it's own folder, but the Eris doesn't seem to recognize it as a picture folder. I posted over here assuming that anything like this would need root access. Thanks!
That was just an instance of me being impatient. I was away from the computer and trying to get a2sd to work. I mistakenly repartitioned my card and lost the market, so I had no way to transfer the file to the root of the card. I was fianlly able to find a copy of andexplorer online and get it done, but it brought up the above question...Come to think of it, don't think I ever got app2sd to work properly....
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