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Is it possible to display the tablet screen on a VGA projector (or laptop) wirelessly?

Albert Park

Nov 25, 2011
I'd like to display the screen of my note 10.1 on a projector that has vga connection, e.g. during presentations.

From reading here and elsewhere that seems to be possible by getting the hdtv adapter and a hdmi to vga adapter. However that requires lots of cables hanging off the tablet, including having the power adapter connected. It would be neater if it could be done wirelessly, eg as seems to possible using Allshare Cast to display photos or videos from the tablet directly onto an hdtv device (but not the full tablet screen itself onto other types of displays).

I saw mention somewhere of using VNC to display the tablet screen on a laptop screen wirelessly, and presumably that laptop could then be attached to the projector via VGA cable. However, when I looked for android VNC software it all seemed to be intended for controlling the tablet from the laptop, rather than displaying the (full) tablet screen on the (full) laptop screen.

Has anyone done this successfully wirelessly? (Or I'd even appreciate confirmation that the way using the hdtv cable works, as that adapter is quite expensive.)


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