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Is it wrong......

to love a phone like the Evo?:eek:
Just got mine on Saturday. It is a fantastic phone. The sound quality is great. But it is a little daunting :eek:.

While trying to suss out some of the features, I kept calling people accidentally.

I am enjoying it. And with a little help, this sucker might just replace my ipod touch.
....to love a phone? :eek:
Just got my EVO on Saturday....didn't expect to get it as quickly as I did. The sound quality on phone calls is phenominal.

There's so much on it, that it is a little daunting :eek: (This from a guy who's been using an iPod Touch for the last year and a half). This is the 1st time I've gotten anything other than a Samsung phone and I gotta know what took me so long!

I am looking forward to getting proficient with this fantastic device!

(am I gushing too much :rolleyes:)
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