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Is kies the only way to get firmware upgrades?

What kinds of problems are you having with Kies Mini? There have been some people that had issue with 64 bit, Windows 7 PCs but I did not have a problem.

If you search for Froyo and Kies Mini, you might find someone with the same problem, and a solution.


When i tried kies mini it wouldnt even detect my phone.

my other post:
"I made the bad decision of reinstalling kies because i kept getting error messages.

After reinstalling Kies when i hook my phone up via USB kies says "connecting" and then says "please connect a device" then back to "connecting" and then it times out and says please reconnect the device.
While i am attemting to connect autoplay pops up as "SGH-1896" with some manual file paths but nothing that has to do with kies.

Please any help on this woyld be great

I also tried mini kies and it doesnt even recognize my phone when i plug it in with the usb cable.

Edit - I did try unmounting the SD card and kies found the phone and connected it but as soon as i clicked on contacts (through kies) it froze. Now when i try connecting it with unmounting sd it doesn't connect.

Edit - I have also been installing the drivers that come with kies and mini kies."

I finally got my phone to connect last night. What i did was unmount my sd card in applications and physically took it out. Then i restarted the phone with the sd card out. I hooked up my phone via usb to kies and at first it detected my phone but kies was saying it was the I 9000 model. Took the usb out and tried it for a second time and voila it worked.

Now heres hoping it will work again after doing the above^ procedure (i hope so)

edit- I'm using vista 32 bit
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From what I have been able to see, if you are still having problems with Kies Mini, you should delete it in its entirety and download and reinstall.

Probably would not hurt to reset your phone by turning it off and taking out the battery for 30 sec and reinstall it, then turn on the phone.


May try that if regular kies gives me issues again.
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