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Is my taskbar LOCKED or am I still just a NEWB?


Deleted User

I know I am a NEWB (hence this is my first post)...HI BY THE WAY!!!

Any way, I just bought 2 of these BAD BOYS and my Hero's taskbar is not working.

Meaning, I can not pull it down.

It worked properly before, but now, NADA, NOTHING, ZILCH!

My wife's phone works PERFECTLY.

Did I somehow lock mine?

I tried other programs to see if it is a screen problem and it seemed to work properly with other programs, so I am thinking I locked the dam thing.


I tried to look on here before posting this, but no luck.

Thanks in advance!!!
Alright...REBOOT is a life saver!

Should have did that in the first place instead of asking a stupid question.

Thanks again guys!!!

This phone gets COOLER by the day!!!

In my opinion, there really aren't many "stupid questions" regarding this phone. It is quite advanced (or "smart") ... and it does a lot of cool,strange, and different things sometimes. Always ask! :D
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